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Book Content Analysis Supported by Software

Content Analysis Supported by Software

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This brief manual aims to offer itself as an invitation to the reader, so that before engaging hastily in the arduous tasks of research, s/he undergoes a careful study of instruments and equipment that can not only facilitate the process, but also make it more fruitful through the questions and viewpoints that only they allow. That is why the reader finds here, even in a brief synthesis, a bit of the “state of the art” with regard to the software currently available in the market for data analysis. This is a field of accelerated evolution, which may make us “outdated” from one moment to the next, but we believe that in the research process, it is difficult to escape the need to make these “cuts” in time; life runs faster, but one has to “stop” to understand it, and then decide on the paths to follow.

1. History and Definitions of Content Analysis 
1.1. History of the Content Analysis Technique 
1.2. The Concept of Content Analysis 
2. Software Packages: Diversity and Potentialities 
2.1. “Analytical” Paradigms using Qualitative Data 
2.2. Software Packages Available for the Researcher 
2.3. Emerging Challenges 
2.3.1. Automatic and Integrated Multimedia Data Transcription 
2.3.2. Optimizing of Online Collaboration Processes 
2.3.3. Automatic and Integrated Processing of Codes 
2.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of CAQDAS Use 
3. A Practical Example Based on webQDA 
3.1. Defnition of the Problem, Work Objectives and Theoretical Basis 
3.2. Data Corpus Organization 
3.3. Reading the Data 
3.3.1. Most Frequent Words Search 
3.3.2. Text Search 
3.4. Categorization and Codifcation 
3.4.1. Coding Process 
3.4.2. Visual Data Encoding 
3.5. Formulation of Questions 
3.6. Analysis Matrices 
3.7. Presentation of Results 
4. Final Considerations

  • Author: António Pedro Costa and João Amado
  • ISBN: 978-972-8914-90-5
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