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Techniques that Use Speech, Observation and Empathy

Techniques that Use Speech, Observation and Empathy: Qualitative Research in Action

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We have sought, in this little book, to make accessible the most commonly used procedures for carrying out qualitative research and also to build a justification for them, providing learners and users of the method with an epistemological assurance as to the scientific validity of the process and operations. Comparing this to other texts already published, there is a novelty here: the presentation of a software, webQDA, which facilitates coding of qualitative material and a preliminary analysis of empirical data, which requires completing with a “second order” reflexion that contextualizes and connects the object of study to similar national and international studies.


1. Fundamentals
1.1 Foundations of Qualitative Research 
1.2 Foundations of Fieldwork Techniques 
1.3 Foundations of Analysis 
2. Techniques that Use Speech, Observation and Empathy
2.1 Techniques that Use Speech 
2.2 Techniques that Use Observation and Shared Experience 
2.3 Empathy as the Thread that Sews together Intersubjectivity and Objectivation 
3. Data Analysis Techniques 
4. Epistemological Issues Regarding Tools Used 
4.1 Dialectics between Common Sense and Scientific Knowledge 
4.2 Dialectics between Representation and Representativeness 
4.3 Dialectics between Objectivity and Subjectivity 
4.4 Criteria of Reliability and Validity 
5. Practical Examples based on webQDA 
5.1 Working the Data 
5.2 The Act of Interpreting 
5.3 The Act of Inferring 
6. Concluding Remarks 

  • Author: António Pedro Costa and Cecília Minayo
  • ISBN: 978-972-8914-94-3
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