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webQDA is a software to support the analysis of qualitative data in a collaborative and distributed environment. Although there are some software packages that address non-numeric and unstructured data(text, image, video, audio) in qualitative analysis, there are few that can be used by several researchers in a collaborative work environment and distributed as the Internet can offer.webQDA is a software directed to researchers in different contexts, that need to analyze qualitative data, individually or collaboratively, synchronously or asynchronously. webQDA follows the structural and theoretical design of other programs available in the market, differentiating itself by providing online, real-time collaborative work and a service that supports the research process.

In academic context, webQDA is especially useful for researchers, master’s students, doctoral and graduate students to develop analysis of qualitative data from any computer with Internet access. In a business context, webQDA has application in the analysis of data from the market, such as consumers.

With webQDA the researcher can edit, view, link and organize documents. At the same time they can create categories, code, manage, filter, search and question the data in order to answer the questions that emerge in their research.

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